Welcome to Revolution Church, It's a place where we:

Worship God Passionately.

Worship Jesus Weekly with us on Sundays for:

Bible Study at 9am
Worship Service at 10am

We gather every Sunday to connect with each other and encounter God through music, teaching and prayer. We believe when we come together as a church, both on Sunday and throughout the week by Walking with Jesus Daily in scripture and prayer, God will use us to change the world.



Naturally, we:

Love People Genuinely

Revolution is a church for people who don’t normally attend church and for people who have been going to church their whole lives.

It’s a church where everyone, regardless of their spiritual background, race, income, or age can find acceptance, meaning, and purpose.


Our Mission

Revolution Church is a place where everyone, regardless of their spiritual background, race, income or age can find acceptance, meaning and purpose.

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Start a Revolution

No matter what stage you and your family are in life with your walk with Christ, there's a place for you at Revolution Church. Take part in a weekly Lifegroup, have your children learn more about the bible together with new friends in the kids and youth ministries or even get the basics down with basic bible truths. There's a place for you here.


Find a Lifegroup

Lifegroups are small groups that meet during the week and are a great way to connect with the people at revolution church.


Basic Bible Truths

Revolution church has one to one classes that can be scheduled at your convenience to answer some of life's biggest questions.

Kids ministry

Revolution Church has sunday morning bible classes and a service geared specifically for kids to hear the word of god.


Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry meets every sunday morning for bible class, and after service meets for a lifegroup to continue their discussions.

Adult Bible Class

Sunday morning adult bible classes are a great way to connect with other people and discuss the books in the bible.



AWANA is part of our kids ministry and meets every Sunday morning during the school year.